High Angle Rescue Training

Yesterday, 4 HighXposure guides, Dave Gates, Bob Hostetter, Scott Michelsen, and Andrew Reed, spent the day with Frank Tkac and Bob Elsinger, both Mohonk Preserve Rangers. The rangers spent the day teaching us the techniques and equipment required for high angle rescue. Roped rescues involving an injured person who must be evacuated in a litter from a high (or deep) location require quite a bit of specialized equipment and a fairly large trained crew.

The trainings, offered on Mondays, intend to create a call list comprised of a body of H.A.R. – competent individuals who are often at the cliffs. In the case of an H.A.R. emergency, the Preserve will initiate a text message to all those who’ve completed the training. The texts will include the time and location of the emergency. Those individuals near the emergency location who are available will then respond to assist.

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