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Great Time at Peterskill

Hey Bobby .. We had a blast this weekend @ PetersKill . These pictures are from Physico Crack & that’s Mike on rappel using an extended rappel set up. Note your anchor / sling set up ! We’ll be at the Trapps next weekend. Thanks again ! Could not have done this without your instruction […]

High Angle Rescue Training

Yesterday, 4 HighXposure guides, Dave Gates, Bob Hostetter, Scott Michelsen, and Andrew Reed, spent the day with Frank Tkac and Bob Elsinger, both Mohonk Preserve Rangers. The rangers spent the day teaching us the techniques and equipment required for high angle rescue. Roped rescues involving an injured person who must be evacuated in a litter from a […]

Spring 2015

Looks like the ice is gone and judging from the number of people out climbing, that information seems to have leaked. We were all chompin at the bit waiting for the deep freeze to end and it has ended… feels like summer!

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