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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where and when do we meet?

    We meet at the West Trapps Parking Lot at Mohonk Preserve. Weekdays we meet at 9:00am, weekends at 8:30am. Look for the HighXposure Van.

  • How long is the climbing day?

    A full day of climbing is usually around 7 hours. The actual length may vary based on factors such as the agenda for the day or your specific needs. Winter (ice-climbing) days tend to be a bit shorter mainly due to the shorter period of daylight.

    Although half days are offered (4 hours), we discourage our clients from booking them. A half day is over before you know it and after long drives to and from the cliffs, most people will end the day wishing they'd booked a full 7 hours!

  • What should I bring for a day of rock climbing?

    Clothing that's both functional and flexible is your key to a comfortable climbing day. Adjust your choices according to season. In cooler weather exercise-type tights have become popular. Loose-fitting pants or sweats are also appropriate. (Don't wear tight jeans!) For the upper body a few light layers, along with a wind-breaker shell or light jacket, will be fine. If it's cool enough, a ski-type hat and gloves might be a good idea. In hot summer weather, bicycle-type or walking shorts are appropriate. (Running shorts are not a good idea!) A T-shirt or tank-top is recommended.

    Many climbers wear no socks with their climbing shoes. If you'd prefer to wear socks make sure they're very thin! Wear sneakers or light trail shoes for walking around. Leave your heavy-duty hiking boots at home.

    Bring a light lunch and lots of water, at least 2 liters per person in hot weather. Insect repellent and sun screen are useful when conditions indicate. Put everything in a day pack or knapsack. You won't actually climb with the pack on your back, it's just the most convenient way to carry your things from place to place.

    If you have your own gear, bring it along.

  • What should I bring for a day of ice climbing?

    We supply mountain boots, crampons, helmets, harnesses, and ice tools. Make sure to let us know your boot size when you book your day. If you have your own gear, feel free to bring it along.

    You will need two to three pairs of gloves, one or two pairs of gloves for climbing, and one pair of warm mittens.

    Layering is very important! You should wear a base layer of merino wool, fleece, or silk, a mid layer of fleece, and an outer layer of goretex or a good soft-shell.

    Avoid wearing any cotton! Cotton retains moisture and will keep you cold all day! This means tee shirts, cotton underware or jeans are all real bad ideas!

    Bring a warm parka to add when you're not climbing to avoid getting chilled. A warm hat or balakava is also a good idea. The head is reponsible for a great deal of the body's heat loss!

    Bring along a thermos of hot tea sweetened with honey plus two liters of water wrapped up in bottle parkas. Don't forget food, sunglasses,and sunscreen.

  • Will I be physically able to climb all day?

    If you are new to climbing and can't do a single pull-up, don't worry! Most climbing is done using the large muscles in your legs (not arms.) This is why a 12 year-old girl who climbs using great technique will easily out-climb a very strong adult male climbing with poor technique!

    Your guide will teach you how to efficiently climb using good footwork,

    If you are a gym climber who is climbing outside for the first time, you will find that the pace outside is quite different from the pace indoors. Indoors you often climb one hard route after another where each route has hard moves stacked from the the first move to the last one. Outside there will be much longer breaks between each pitch you do whether you are doing multi-pitch or just top-roping. Additionally, it is rare to find climbs where all the pitches are strenuous and sustained. Mostly you will get many breaks on each pitch to rest and shake out if need be.

  • What do the rates include and not include?

    Included in the rates are your day out climbing with a professional guide. You will go out with your own guide and will not be matched up with strangers unless you specifically requested to do so (we ocaisionally put together special group outings.) Our guide ratio does not exceed 4:1 so groups larger than 4 will be assigned more than one guide.

    All required technical gear is provided by HighXposure, harnesses, helments, climbing shoes, chalk bags, and belay devices. Other gear such as nut tools, leashes, and artificial protection are supplied as needed. If you have your own gear, feel free to brting it along.

    Not included are: meals, water, your day pass to the park (use your season pass if you have one) nor gratuities for your guide(s).

  • What happens if it rains?

    We don't climb or teach in the rain. We have a simple policy that eliminates potential confusion about bad weather. Regardless of the forecast in your local area, call us early in the morning before you leave. We'll make the determination if climbing will be possible for that day. This way we can spare you the trouble of making the trip only to be rained out. If it's good weather here, we'll fully expect to see you at our meeting time.

    If you need to change your plans we'll accept cancellations up to 72 hours in advance of your appointment.

    Click here to check the local 5-day forecast.

    Click here for detailed cancellation policies.

  • Do I tip my guide?

    Most people tip their guides. If your guide has provided you a great day out, he will be most appreciative of a monetary thank you!

  • What can I expect when I sign up for a class?

    Classes are taught during a normal day of guiding. You will have your own private instructor.

    The base curriculum may be enhanced, contingent upon your level of experience and your comprehension of the required subject matter.

    We have printed copies of the various course curricula, suggested gear lists, and helpful supporting documents.

    Any additional topics you want to learn may be added provided the basic requirements for the course have been properly addressed.

  • Will I need any special gear?

    We supply all the technical gear that you'll need. If you have some of your own, feel free to bring it along.

  • How much extra is it to rent gear?

    The price for your day of climbing includes all the technical gear you'll need.