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Top rope anchor setup

So you know how to belay, have been climbing a bit, and would like to learn how to set up your own top ropes so you can start venturing out on your own. This is the class for you! Our goal is to educate you about basic anchor construction for top rope climbing, giving you skills and resources to be able to climb on your own.

In this full-day program we will teach and practice the knots and anchor set-ups common for top roping in the Gunks area. You will learn how to set up anchors off bolts as well as natural features such as trees and boulders. You will have a chance to practice and set up your own anchors and climb on them.

What to bring

  • 2 liters of water
  • Hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Warm layers and rain jacket
  • Daypack large enough to carry water, food and layers
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Sun screen


Single $275
Double $175 (per person)
Triple $150 (per person)
Four $130 (per person)
Family of 4 $350 (each additional child $35)
5 or more Call for discounted pricing