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Introduction to outdoor climbing

If you're looking to explore rock climbing for the first time or you've only climbed indoors, this program is a great opportunity to practice with professional rock climbing instructors.

What to expect on your first day:

  • We'll take an intensive look at some of climbing's crucial safety procedures like knots, anchors and the method for safeguarding the climber with the rope (called the belay).
  • Then we'll set up a short, moderate climb which will give you a chance to see how you feel operating in the vertical environment.
  • After assessing and evaluating the natural aptitude and ability you bring to climbing, we'll develop a teaching plan based on the pace at which you absorb and assimilate new techniques and procedures. (This is what we call a student-centered approach to learning rather than one that is curriculum-driven. Over the years we've found this to be the most efficient teaching method, accommodating those who need a little more time while permitting those who are moving more quickly to make rapid progress.)

As your vocabulary of specific movement techniques continues to grow, we'll consider climbs that illustrate and illuminate increasingly more sophisticated procedures involving the key elements of body position and foot placement. We'll utilize specific and directive coaching to convey ideas and concepts and give you plenty of opportunity for trial and error experimentation. Very often the discoveries you make yourself can have a more powerful and lasting impact than material "taught" to you.

Usually anywhere from one to three days, either consecutively or at your convenience, will give you enough background to move on to the next level: intermediate/advanced.

What to bring

  • 2 liters of water
  • Hiking shoes or sneakers
  • Warm layers and rain jacket
  • Daypack large enough to carry water, food and layers
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Sun screen


Single $275
Double $175 (per person)
Triple $150 (per person)
Four $130 (per person)
Family of 4 $350 (each additional child $35)
5 or more Call for discounted pricing